Nov 7, 2010

Soap making part #2

After my soap had set a couple days and I thought it was hard enough, I took it out of the mold, and got ready to cut it into bars...

Measuring out my lines

First bar!

Final Product!
 I think I might have waited a little too long before cutting it, because it was a little crumbly. It smells really good though! Now I just have to try to forget about it for the next four weeks while it cures! It was tons of fun to make, and not at all complicated. I officially think that I was born about 175 years too late. *sigh*...


  1. So does it smell? Do you add a scent? Guess i can't imagine what lye (never smelled it) lard and water would smell like...

  2. Well, it has a very slight kind of "soapy" smell. It's kind of hard to describe, but it smells good. Nothing like lard or anything pig-ish. :)You can add essential oils to make it smell a certain way, but I didn't this time.

  3. I see. That's really neat. I didn't figure that it would smell gross, i just didn't know what lye smelled like...