Nov 11, 2010

Kitchen Tour

Since I just finished cleaning the kitchen, I thought I'd take you on a tour of my cabinets and you can see how we do things. I've picked up lots of ideas over the years from different friends. I love trying new things and new ways of doing things. Most of all, I like to have my cabinets organized. It seems like we are always weeding out unnecessary things and simplifying.

This is the first cabinet. It is all my dinnerware. I think I have service for 16.

We call this the Tupperware drawer even though I only have one or two pieces of true Tupperware. We mostly use glass storage containers.

Towels, wash rags, hot plates.

Baking cabinet.

The appliance garage. Toaster, coffee grinder, mixer, tea kettle.

My spice cabinet. It's to the right of the stove.

My misc. drawer.

These are my pots and pans. They are in a corner cabinet which can be a real pain in the back to get to. You can see I have a variety of pans. I still have my wedding gift pans from my parents - stainless steel Farberware. Then I have some Pampered Chef pans - not impressed. They have slowly died and I've tossed them one by one. I have 7 cast iron pots/pans and those are the ones I use the most. There's nothing like a cast iron skillet!

I keep my cookbooks in the cabinet over the microwave. We just recently went through all our cookbooks and got rid of a bunch of them. We copied recipes we liked out of them onto 3x5 cards and put them in my recipe box. I prefer 3x5 cards over books or notebook size pages.

Glasses. Looks like there are several in the dishwasher! Not sure why this one won't turn.

Ziplocs, foil, saran wrap.

Bread pans, cookie sheets, cutting boards, cooling racks, 9x13's. So nice to be able to store them vertically.

This is my small pantry in the kitchen. One whole pull-out shelf is for beverages - gets lots of use! The potatoes/onions/garlic are on the bottom along with some large containers that won't fit on any of the shelves.

Our medicine cabinet. This is it. It all stays in the kitchen.

This is kind of a miscellaneous drawer. My recipe boxes are here and a few other random items. This tends to be the drawer that collects "stuff".

My serving bowls.

That's pretty much it. I love my kitchen. Sometimes when there are 3 of us working in it, I wish it were bigger. I have more cabinet space than I have counter space and that can be a real pain sometimes. You can't unload the dishwasher and be baking at the same time. But otherwise, I love it. It is me and it is arranged the way I like it. Now you have an idea how we do things. Hope you enjoyed!

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