Nov 3, 2010

Fall time...

Just a little update on what we are up to this week...

The view from our dinner table

The first frost a few mornings ago

We've got lots of projects going on around the house these days. Marci and I are each making a patchwork quilt. Here are the beginning stages of mine.

(Aren't my socks awesome?)

Fall time at our house always means lots of yummy food...

Broccoli and cheese sauce

Whole wheat gingerbread

Drying apples

Beef Stew

And of course, fall time means basketball season begins...

First practice

And last but not least, this is Conni's lastest random torture she has invented for Bear.


  1. The garden looks great! What caught my eye though was the cute little playhouse in the corner, may I ask where you got it? I would love to find something like that for my kids, actually I would love to build one but don't think that's likely to happen!

  2. Melissa - We got this from Ed Sherrill about 18 years ago. Marci was a baby. It served as an awesome playhouse for many years. In the last several years, it has been a garden shed with all our garden implements and potting stuff. For all the years of use we've gotten out of it, it is still in excellent shape. We repaint it every few years. I would recommend Ed as a builder and recommend having a play house for your kids, too!

  3. It's not torture, actually. He loves riding in the carrier when I'm wearing it, and I had to clean my room, so I just hung him on the doorknob. He sat there for about 20 minutes before he got bored and started to wiggle!