Nov 1, 2010

Conni's 13th Hillbilly Birthday Party

After madly laying sod in the morning, we all got our party clothes on and prepared to spend an entire afternoon with approximately twelve kids ages about 11-13. Wow.

Some of the costumes...


Mom's awesome artwork. :)


The Hillbillys
  Mom had all kinds of fun games planned, and Marci and Abe helped get everything set up.

Bobbing for apples

Sack racing

Corn shucking

Nail pounding

Bubble blowing contest

Pin the tooth on the hillbilly
 These are just a few of all the awesome things Mom put together. I think the kids thoroughly enjoyed everything!

Opening gifts on the new sod


Happy Birthday Conni! I can't believe that you are a teenager! We love you!!
Oh, and after this great party we cleaned everything up and prepared to chill out the rest of the evening. (or so I thought). Unknown to me, my family had planned a surprise party for me that night! I was completely shocked.

It was such a special evening, and I had an awesome time! Thank you everybody!

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