Aug 23, 2012

Marci's birthday goes on...and on...

Marci turned 20 on August 1.  She wanted to do two things for her birthday:

  1. Spend the weekend at the lake as a family and with some of her closest friends.
  2. Go to Aberdeen Barn for dinner with as many of her friends as could make it.
We took the RV out to Lake Anna on July 27 - 28th.  We rented a boat for 2 days, borrowed a wake board, bought a tube, and practically lived in the water.

Marci and Britney on the tube.

Heather  Williams.

Heather on the tube.

 Quintin wake boarding.

Marci wake boarding.

Angi on the tube.

Abe on the tube.

Abe wake boarding like it was nothing.

Check out the mouth! :)

Getting some pretty good air.

Quintin again - getting air.

Bat dog!  Bear loved riding up front (as long as it wasn't too bumpy) and letting his ears flap in the wind.

Dork #1 and #2 in their swim diapers.

With living in the water for two days, I'm sure you can imagine how much food we went through.  We played hard, and ate tons!  It was a fun, relaxing weekend with family and good friends - just what Marci wanted.  (Too bad Conni had to miss it - she was at camp.)

On August 1, which is truly Marci's birthday, we surprised her with dinner out.   My two "middles" right before our dinner date.

After Bonefish dinner, we went to Sweet Frog for dessert.

 Mar and Quintin.

Then a few days later on August 4th, Marci and a bunch of her friends met at Aberdeen for a yummy prime rib dinner.  Then they all came here for dessert.  Here are some of the ladies.

From L to R:  Shauna, Kelsey, Rae, Britney, Marci, Heather, Tori, Amber

Marci and Britney.

Marci and her cousin, Shauna.

Abe and Shauna cutting dessert, and "cutting up".

We had such a fun evening...again, with dear family and friends.

You'd think that would be enough birthday.  But no.  Quintin had to drag it out. :)

On Sunday evening, after conspiring with Abe to get Marci out of the house, Quintin came and delivered this.

Notice her initials sand blasted in the center top.

Wow.  Such a nice piece.  Hand made, delivered and installed.  He did a great job on it.  She's going to love that for doing bridal consults!

So....later that night.... Marci, Abe, Quintin, Max, and Conni all come here for snacks and visiting.  We have on video (which for some reason unknown to me won't load) Marci opening her bedroom door, standing in the doorway with a look of puzzlement on her face, jaw drops open, large grin forms while she continues to stare at the large mirror in her room.  Then she drops the bags in her hand, whirls around, yells at Quintin, and takes off running down the stairs.

Pretty funny to watch.  She most definitely was surprised!  Great job on the work and the surprise!

I'm pretty sure that is enough birthday, Marci!

We love this girl and are so thankful she's a part of our family.

Here's for many more happy birthdays with our Marci-girl.

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