Aug 14, 2012

Biting off more than I could chew?

Almost.  I sure bit off a chunk!

One of the things I wanted to do while Conni was away at camp, was redo her bedroom.  She moved into Angi's room when Angi moved out.  It was definitely an Angi room, and not a Conni room.  Plus, Angi had painted and decorated that room when she was 13 - so it had been the same for 8 years.  Definitely time for a change. I figured I'd surprise her.

The walls were a pretty neutral color (calfskin), and the trim is all the original wood stain.  Here is something of a before shot.  I had already started disassembling the room...almost forgot to get a picture.

  Original dark closet doors.  Notice the rocker and the little white lamp in the foreground.  Transformation to come! :)

  I had my SIL come over to give me some ideas on painting colors.  She recommended I paint all the trim.  I knew it would really look good, but I was hoping to avoid all that work!  Oh well.  She convinced me it would be worth it.  So I went after it.   Marci helped with the cutting in.  Abe taped off for me.

In addition to the walls and trim, (the trim required 3 coats) I also added refinishing 4 pieces of furniture to my "to do" list.

This is my Habitat For Humanity find.  I saw this and immediately imagined it finished and in Conni's room.

The left side is fully cedar lined.

You can see how the finish was peeling off.  Otherwise, it was in excellent shape.  An old geezer at Habitat told me it was built in the '40's.  There is an original tag on the back saying it was built in Roanoke, VA!  Pretty neat.

This has been in Conni's room for several years.  She found it at a thrift store in PA when she was 9 years old.  It was soon to get an overhaul, too.

This rocker was Joe and Phyllis's before Tim and I ever got married.  It was bought back in the day with S&H green stamps!  I can remember it sitting in their family room for years.  When Joe and Phyllis moved, we inherited the rocker.  It is a solid, sturdy thing.  Soon to be transformed!

And finally, here is the armoire.  All finished and looking just like I wanted it to.  I refinished and used the original hardware too.

Here's the refinished rocker.  I also found matching end tables at Habitat.  I refinished and distressed them, too.

Here's the little plain white lamp with a face lift.  A little paint, a little beaded fringe, and voila!  It's sitting on one of the newly refinished end tables too.  I made copies of old photos of Conni, did them black and white, and framed them in black.  Added a nice touch to the room.

This quilt is something Conni has had her eye on for quite a while.  I started with this, then picked paint and decor.

Closet doors are rather changed!  We (Britney) stenciled a muted yellow flower over the top half of the doors.  Oh yeah.  Notice the "new" poodle on the floor by the sink!  Now it really looks like Bear.

I salvaged this old cork board from a friend.  It needed some help though.  I painted the trim, added colorful scrapbook paper, tacked on diagonal ribbon, and voila!  Again, something old and used was transformed into something cute and useful.  Makes it feel like new!

We were all pretty happy with the finished product.  The room looked so light and cheerful.  I'm SO glad I painted the trim.  Many thanks to those who helped and advised:
Connie B, Amy D, Britney, Marci, Abe, and Tim.

Now for the will Conni like it?

We'll soon find out!


  1. love love love it, Sherri! You ALL did a wonderful job! She WILL love it too...I'm confident!

  2. Anonymous8/14/2012

    It looks really nice! You did some great work. I love the bright and cheery look! It looks like it kept you very busy. Always fun to stand back and see the finished project. Great job!!! I bet Connie was thrilled with her new looking room.

  3. Anonymous8/14/2012

    Sherri-its just fabulous! Love the color on the armoire and it turned out perfect! I"m using that color right now a lot...also lov the dog Tons of great ideas-wanna move to CO and we can start a decorating business together? LOl! Connie

  4. Anonymous8/26/2012

    Sure enjoy all you are up to!