Jul 15, 2012

Virginia Summer.

Lots of people asked me on our trip, "So what's it like in Virginia?"

Virginia is gorgeous in the summer.  Although we had a 2 week heat wave, it is back to normal now.  Hot, muggy days.  Temperatures around the mid to upper 80's.  The nights cool down somewhat but are still humid.  For all you people wrinkling up your nose at the thought of humidity, just think...you're saying that as you think of your long sunny days without a drop of moisture in them.  Your nice, dry, insect-free heat.  But, it's that humidity that keeps Virginia GREEN all summer long!  Here's a picture taken of our local area; found on the Charlottesville fb page.  Morning mist, Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, green fields, trees, and bushes....ahhh.
Photo: Bam! Albemarle County in the morning.  Like it, love it, share it.

Also, this time of year in Virginia is peach time.  We have lots of orchards around here - lots of fruit available.  I don't know how prices are in other parts of the world, but I was pretty happy with getting a half bushel for $12.50.

These are Red Havens.  Freestone.  Seconds.

Our favorite way to eat them, (other than fresh), is sliced and frozen.  So delicious!

 I got about 20 quarts out of this bushel.  That's after we ate a ton of them, made some pies, and ice cream.

By the way, the best way to eat these after they're frozen is one of two ways:

Use them in a smoothie.  Or....
Get one bag out of the freezer right before you go to bed. Stick it in the frig.  The next morning, it will have thawed to just the right slushiness.  Serve in small bowls for breakfast.  Mmmm.  Can't beat it.  They also make a great, cool snack on a hot summer day.

Here's a batch of peach ice cream I made last night.

With 5 cups of heavy cream and lots of fresh peaches, you just can't go wrong here.

So there's a sample of summertime in VA, and a sample of what I've been doing since we got home.

Enjoy your summer, everyone, and try to find some fresh peaches!  It will make your summer feel more complete.


  1. Beautiful picture of Charlottesville!

  2. Enjoying your posts, I so enjoyed being able to visit with you all, it was a blessing...Thank you...and those peaches, wow they look so good.