Jun 25, 2012

More "Did-You-Know's"

Did you know...

...Montana is called Big Sky country for a reason?

..that seeing a wildfire that we normally only hear about on the news is pretty cool?  And scary?  The magnitude of it is overwhelming.  Here is a "smokeset" view from Ft. Collins.

It's so weird to be able to smell smoke for days - like you're living in a giant campground with campfires everywhere.

...that the Denver/Ft. Collins, CO area is known for it's cinnamon rolls?  We tried them at a restaurant that is famous for them.  We ordered two for our family, and could barely finish them.  Hugeness!
Yes, they were good, but....nothing to really write home about.  Needed to be cooked about five minutes less.

...that every state has it's version of Rednecks?  Even in cowboy country where real men haul hay wearing blue jeans and chaps; where the hay is stacked on a real hay wagon/truck.  We saw this in CO. I never saw the guys hauling this hay, but I'm almost POSITIVE they were wearing overalls - had to be!  It's the only thing to wear if you're driving this.

...that you should never sit/lie down in wet grass?  At least not if you're going to get back up in front of hundreds of people.  (The fanny pack and tall white socks with black tennis shoes kind of round out the whole picture, too.)  This happened right in front of Abe.  If you could've seen the look of horror on his face...!

...that when you've driven through this kind of farmland for a couple of hundred miles, it is hard to believe there could ever be a bread shortage in the world!   I just had to sing, "Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...." a couple of times.   Love farmland!

...that hiking up to 8,000 feet elevation is tough for us low-landers?  Not much oxygen up there!

...that when you have no lap to set your wallet on, you have two options:  Stop carrying a wallet, or do what it takes to get a lap!

...that it's okay to wear three or four different shades of red at one time?

...that there's just nothing quite like sitting around a campfire.  If you've never done it, you should try it!

...that a rodeo is lots of fun?  Don't turn up your nose unless you've actually been to one - a REAL one.  There's nothing quite like watching some idiot try to cling to the back of a 2,000 pound bull whose sole mission in life is to buck the idiot off!  Keeps you on the edge of your seat!

...that Wyoming has these:
Photo: Grizzly bear walking through a meadow

about like Florida has these!

Been to Florida three times - never seen an alligator.
Drove through MT, WY, and CO - never saw a bear.  Or a moose.  This is as close as we got...

Apparently, they are in the areas we were in, but just didn't want to be seen.  I wonder if cold and snow had anything to do with that?  Needless to say, I was disappointed.

...there is something cool you can do with old worn-out boots?  Try this:

...that there are some parts of the country so bleak; so dry, windy, and non-fertile, that the only thing that will grow is this:

Wind farms!  Can you see the rainbow?

...that Bear prefers sleeping in the middle?  And not down at the foot, either.

...that in Jackson Hole, WY, they have extensions put on their fire hydrants so they can be located in the snow?  Crazy, huh?!

...that they make campers for midgets?

Just kidding!

Well, that's about it for the cross-country trip posts.  But life still moves on; still happens.  Who knows what will come up next?  What will the Lord bring our way?  I look forward to serving Him, to loving my family each day, and to living life to the fullest!  Whatever I can share with my friends and family, I will.  
I hope you have been blessed, encouraged, and even entertained by our cross-country trip.  I love you all!

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  1. Anonymous6/26/2012

    Thanks for the enlightenment. I hope I'm a little wiser now. If nothing else I won't sit on wet grass in front of anyone with a camera. Haha.