Jun 8, 2012

Flat tire #2.

Abe was driving.


Left rear inside tire blew.  Made an awful noise!


We were 25 miles west of Butte, MT.  Not a bad place to have a flat!  A much better view than the time in west TX.

Abe clambered up on top to get our spare down.  A little nerve wracking seeing him standing up there as the tractor trailers roared past.

This is the reason we are Good Sam members. Within 40 minutes, Mr. Tobacco Lip was here with everything needed to change our tire.  No jacks needed - we just lower our leveling jacks and the whole back end is off the ground.  Pretty cool.

This is the way Abe helps change a tire.

After all, isn't this why we became Good Sam members in the first place?  To have free roadside assistance and someone else do the work?

Meanwhile, the kids and I did some exploring.  There was a railroad nearby so we walked along it picking up railroad spikes and enormous ball bearings.  Of course, we had to take some pictures.

My pretty girls.

Abe hollered at me to take a picture - quick.  I turned around and saw this.  He kept telling me to hurry.  That is not a look of meditation.  It is a grimace of discomfort.  Duh.

I took the picture, then he said, "Oh no!  How am I gonna get down?  Help me down!"  I said no and just stood there with the camera as he painfully tried to get down. Kind of funny to hear him begging in a high soprano voice.

This was right beside the railroad tracks.  So picturesque.

My other pretty girl.

This is the culprit.  Glad to have it replaced.  We are now running with 4 new tires, and 2 '08's.

Now we're parked in a Walmart parking lot (along with about 8 other RV's) in Bozeman, MT.  So gorgeous.  Mountains all the way around us - serious mountains!  Snow capped.

Good night folks.  Have as awesome of a weekend as we plan on having!


  1. Sorry you had a flat, but what a place to be stranded! Beautiful country!!

  2. I'm so glad you keep that camera of yours handy and most of all that your family does not mind getting their pictures taken! This has sure been exciting to "travel along" with you all! Thank you again, Sherri (and family)!

  3. Love the picture of Angi and Mar!