Jun 5, 2012

Coffee, anyone?

After our excursion down the Rogue River, we were all a bit damp and chilly.  A hot latte sounded perfect.  Tim punched in "coffee" on his GPS.  We were looking for the nearest Starbucks.  I figured there would be Starbucks all over the place out here in the Northwest.  After all, isn't this home territory?

There were absolutely no Starbucks in Grant's Pass.  But several Dutch Brothers Coffee came up.

Dutch Bros?  Never heard of it.

But with no Starbucks, we headed for the nearest one.  Took us 2 minutes.  Dutch Bros is a drive through only.  Well....that doesn't work too well for us in this beast.  So we pulled to the side of the parking lot and took up about 5 spaces.  Then Tim, Marci, Abe, and Conni walked through the drive through!  Here they are waiting their turn.

Our turn!

I watched from the RV window and took pics.  Tim explained that they were on foot because our "car" wouldn't fit through their drive through.  The girl that took their order was very friendly and helpful.  They stood there and visited for a few minutes.

We found out that Dutch Bros has an awesome policy:  If it is your first time to go here, your drinks are free!  So here they come with 6 free lattes!  Wow!

The drinks were very good and HOT. Nothing worse than a lukewarm latte.  She even wrote on the lid of each drink.

Then while we were sitting there looking up a campground, 2 Dutch Bros employees came running  out to the RV and handed us one of their energy drinks to try and a handful of stickers. Now I have to pick a good spot on this RV to put a Dutch Bros sticker!

Great coffee, great service!  So nice meeting friendly people.  They are out there; everywhere we go we meet some. If you're ever in the NW, go visit a Dutch Bros Coffee!  Tell 'em the Cottens sent you! :)


  1. DB Barista Bria6/05/2012

    This is so awesome!! Looks like you have been having an amazing trip. I'm so happy you enjoyed Dutch Bros your first time through, it was an honor to make your coffees. Much Dutch Love.

  2. I absolutely love finding business and people that love what they do and convey that by providing great customer service! Makes you want to shout to the world about them and frequent them often.