May 7, 2012

How to feel like a teenager again....

It's simple.  No diet, no exercise regimen required.  No botox, no liposuction.

Just this: Play water volleyball with a bunch of septuagenarians!

I headed to the pool on our first morning.  Out of 3 pools, only one had anyone in it.  This pool had 11 older people in it playing water volleyball.  They hollered at me to come join them and make the teams even.  I ventured into the water with them.  They were all either completely gray, or bald headed.  Most of them were wearing hats and water shoes.  Most of them were...ahem....over-weight.  But they were a barrel of fun!

It was volleyball with only 2 rules:

You HAVE to hit it at least 3 times per side.
You HAVE to laugh and have a good time.

There were times it was hit 6 times on one side.  And bobbling?  Not a problem at all.  In fact, in a few instances, catching then hitting is even permissible.  Also, one person can hit it 2 or 3 times in a row.
And keeping score?  Nope. They kept telling me that it was "old people" volleyball.

Here I am trying to unlearn regular volleyball rules and do it their way.  It was hilarious!  They asked me how long I'll be here at the RV park.  When I said, "Three weeks,"  they said, "Good!  Then you can play with us every morning!"

Apparently, they play from 10:30 to noon every day.  I think they actually get more exercise from laughing than they do the volleyball.

Here's a few things I heard from them:

When one guy missed a serve that went over his head: "Hey!  White men don't jump!"

When one of the ladies had to sorta jump to hit the ball, but completely missed: "That was one of those things my mind accomplished, but my body failed."

When I hit one over the net and they missed it:  "Don't you just hate these young people that are so coordinated?  Makes you want to smack them."  :)

Said by one woman at the end of the games:  "Whew!  After a workout like that, you just want to go collapse on the couch."

When I jumped out of the pool to retrieve a lost ball:  "Would you just look at that.  She didn't even use the stairs."

It's been a while since I've laughed that much.  I love being around older people.  They have so much to offer.  I loved the way they were all having a good time and were committed to getting exercise every day.  I also appreciate the way they welcomed me into their little group, even though I'm at least 30 years younger than all of them.  One of them was a 90 year old lady!

Looking forward to more "exercise" and lots of laughter!  I love the opportunities God has for me every day.


  1. Oh my, that would be a hoot! I would love to play with them! Have a great time.

  2. I totally love hanging out with old people - they're the best! I'm sure you were a blessing to them as well. Enjoy your morning exercise!

  3. I totally love hanging out with old people - they're the best! I'm sure you were a blessing to them as well. Enjoy your morning exercise!

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. No pictures?! JK....I got my own mental vision and had a few good laughs myself! I am so glad you know how to have a good time! Life is way too short to sit on the sidelines and just watch! Enjoy your time there at the RV park! Love you all!