Apr 24, 2012


Several days ago, Rue fell off the counter onto the wood floor. He landed spread-eagled; sprawled out. He was acting funny the whole rest of the day. The next day, when we went into town for dinner, I left him in his little pop-up doggy crate.

When we got back, he was dead.

He is currently residing in the freezer.



  1. Dear conni sorry about rue, that was a very sad post!!!! Janice

  2. Conni, So sorry to hear about Rue. Your love of animals is admirable and you are lucky to have discovered something you have a passion for so early in your life. I read an article in the paper yesterday about the relatively new Humane Society University in Washington and thought of you- I will mail it on... You are in a magical part of the country- enjoy this special time with your family. -Kim M.

  3. Oh Connie I'm so sorry! He definitely sounded like the most loved rescue squirrel ever!

  4. Oh, Conni that is too sad, I am sorry. I enjoyed hearing stories about Rue.