Nov 17, 2011

A quick flash back.

November 17, 2009.

Two years ago today.

Abe and Conni had raked a huge pile of leaves out in the middle of the yard. They called me outside to watch. Abe climbed up on the top of a 6 foot ladder. Conni steadied it for him. I hollered for him to wait and ran in and got the camera. As I watched through my lens, he launched off the ladder and into the air.

He had to be at least 10 feet in the air.  I had no idea he would do anything other than just jump into the leaves.  But no.  He had to do a full fledged, text book, class A belly flop.

Do you have any idea what happens to a pile of leaves when you land in them?  It is not the soft cushy landing Abe thought it would be.

I won't even try to describe what happened next.  In short, he hurt both wrists and had the air knocked out of him. I can't write all the sounds he made.

I ran down to him (still with the camera) and this is the next picture.

It did scare me.  He could've really been hurt. 
Thankfully, he wasn't.
Now, it is funny.

If you ever get the urge to jump off a ladder into a leaf pile, remember this picture. 
There are life lessons all around us if we just look! :)


  1. Oh no! Glad it's old news! Thanks for the lesson in leaf pile jumping!

  2. Abel often shows me the first picture, but somehow he has always "forgotten" to show me the 2nd. ;)