Mar 10, 2011

Fire jumping....

It was wood cutting time again.

Tim did the cutting.  He also cut down another tree.  The kids did the picking up.  We had a rental tractor here, so we used it to haul all the branches over to our fire ring.

Lots of little branches, twigs to clean up.  They are a pain to mow over in the summer!

Abe dumping a load on our fire ring.  I think it got a bit oversized...

Mar figuring out how to drive the tractor.  After a few perplexed looks, she did it!

Connis is pooped.  No, she has not been working as long as she'd like you to think she has!

The cozy little fire ring is now a serious bonfire!  Oops!

Conni saw the fire get out of the ring, hollered at us, and we came running.  Our nice new sod was on fire!

Abe trying to stomp it back.

Trying to wet the sod down around the ring.

Once everything was ok, of course Abe had to do something like this.  Scared me to death at first.  Yes, I am well aware of the "what if's".  Put these words together and this is what happens!
male + youth + energy + challenge

You can see by his face how hot it was!

Glad he got that out of his system after only 4 or 5 jumps!
Next time, we won't build the pile so high or big!

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