Dec 29, 2010

My Pets

This is Chic. She was our pet chicken, and lasted until late spring/early summer of this year.

   We have a minor fox problem. We bought Chic along with 24 other chicks. She lasted the longest.
She was super tame! She liked to randomly hop up on people's heads, follow everyone around, and jump up to places where she wasn't allowed to be...
Crazy bird!
Chic was a real sweetie, and she got along with everyone-even Bear! They hit it off really well-they did everything together...

(: She kept him groomed pretty well too.

Chic really loved people!

I really miss her. ):

Meanwhile, Bear has been enjoying posing for some pictures himself. He especially loves the ones in which he gets to look melodramatically out into the middle distance!(:

He is a really special pet.
He is four years old, and I got him in 2007, when he was about 6 months old.

I love him so much!

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  1. Conni, sorry about Chic. I'm glad you have Bear to be your companion still. I showed Becky the picture of Chic on your head. She said, "Hey, I know her. That's cute."