Nov 18, 2010

Awesome does dinner.

Abe offered to fix dinner the other night. He wanted to do bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I was doing other things in the kitchen while he worked. After hearing his comments and questions, I decided to document his meal-making. These are mostly direct quotes from him.

"Do I have to mix these in order?"

"Combine oats and milk. Stand 5 minutes. Huh?"

"Do I have to put these back where I got them - or can I just stack them wherever they fit?"

"I wonder why girls pick up each individual dirty dish and put it in the sink when they could just toss them there? It's a whole lot faster."

"You can't have too much bacon."

"I am so awesome. Not one broken yolk!"

"Man this is hot! And look - I'm doing it left-handed!"

"Perfect. Nice and bendy."

"Check out those pancakes! And see the plates getting warm under the griddle? I'm so awesome."

"Perfect. Two pancakes, 2 pieces of bendy bacon, and one fried egg over medium - just like she wanted."


The meal was delicious - he did a great job. I think he should do it more often. I didn't have to fix dinner and I was entertained at the same time! Can't beat it!

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