Oct 22, 2010

A sad day in the Cotten kitchen!

Kitchen obituaries for October 22, 2010

Deceased - One 22 year old food processor. This food processor finally gave up the ghost after many long years of faithful service. It had been suffering from a small crack around the blade. However, due to its strong work ethic and loyalty, it had managed to continue to push through it's handicap up until today when it was no longer able to persevere. It took its final breath amid an aromatic recipe of cranberry vinaigrette. The death was witnessed by only one family member - Conni. The cranberry vinaigrette was interrupted for a few minutes to allow for mourning and reminiscing.
This food processor (most used of all kitchen gadgets) has been used on a daily basis for at least 15 years. It is survived by many other tried and true kitchen gadgets, appliances, and utensils. It will be missed by the toaster, mixer, coffee grinder, and tea kettle - all who shared its corner cabinet. They do appreciate the additional room, though.
Our blender, seldom used, is now proud to step up to the plate and take over the many duties of the deceased. We all hope it can live up to the deceased's reputation.
Burial ceremonies have been delayed until this evening when all the family will be present. Location is the Cotten family kitchen. We will gather around the trash can and lay the deceased to it's final rest.
We know many of you have gone through similar heartaches and trials. We appreciate your thoughts and sympathy at this time.

With tears of joy and sorrow,
The Cotten Ladies

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